A  Whiskey Smile

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Touched by music at a young age, Christian began playing music at 10 years old when he picked up a saxophone and joined the shcool band. It was a departure from the Classic Rock, Motown, Soul, and Pop sounds that he enjoyed and consequently the saxophone didn't last very long. Writing songs began to take shape at 12, but it wasn't until he was 14 that he began playing guitar. From then on, it was more than a pastime, a hobby, or even a joke. Playing guitar and writing songs became "homework", and regular life showed it. He would stay up late into the night, practicing scale patterns and chord progressions. Looking to further his musical education, he started checking out myriad of different schools as a way to broaden his musical horizons. After realizing that it was going be a large cost to attend the music school, he began working various jobs so that might be able to pay his way through. Through working pizza delivery, knife sales, vacuum sales, and even a bagel shop, nothing ultimately stuck, and by the time he was 19, he was living and working full time on the east coast near Baltimore and Washington D.C., playing music as a back-up to his day job. Still writing songs and performing whenever and wherever he could, Christian became the best-kept secret wherever he was. He played to anyone who would listen. He stayed up late into the night penning lyrics. Later, he took online courses via BerkleeMusic to further his command of the guitar, thus accomplishing his music education goals. After being away working for a few years on the east coast, Christian made his way back to Los Angeles, where he started partaking in the lavish Hollywood nightlife that seemed so alluring at the time. Wild nights and the Hollywood scene became common place, but Christian knew he still wasn't living his dream of playing to sold-out venues across the world. Every band he ever played with or for had thought he stole the show, had stopped playing music altogether, or ended up getting burnt out. So, tired of years of joining a slew of bands that all ultimately went nowhere, Christian struck out on his own - on the vaulted solo path. Having to literally begin from the bottom, at the street, he writes songs that are true testimonies of struggle, life, love, loss, fear, hope, joy and sadness. His heart, dedication, and drive is second to none and you can hear it clearly in every song he sings and during every one of his performances.