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Time Keeps On Ticking...

Posted on September 9, 2015 at 1:10 PM

Fans & Friends!!!

Hello all! Wow, it's been one sizzling hot summer hasn't it? I know I have been partying pretty hard, going to pool parties, enjoying the warmth, and being 27 years old (finally!). While the release in April was on schedule, it didn't get the reception I thought it would -- promotion, publicity, and public relations are all something I'm still learning myself. True, I'm not someone who puts everything about my life online on social media, so many people just overlooked my posts about The Streets Know Your Name. However, do you think I really care about this ridiculous online popularity contest? HELL NO 8)

So, after all the work I put into self-producing my EP, I decided to take the entire summer off from music. Like, I mean off. Think I wrote maybe three songs since April. I really wanted to focus on some other aspects of my life and not get too wrapped up in trying to get right back to work on my next release. I even stopped playing shows! Since I was also booking all my own shows (usually about 2 a month in LA, just like the rules say), I wanted to just enjoy being a legit solo artist. And believe me, it has been fun! Still hasn't gotten me laid but my pre-scripted bar lines are on point now! You can look for more shows coming up this fall! :)

Soon, I'll be getting to work on my next release. I'm keeping it secret until I'm ready to let you all know about it. Rest assured more great tunes are on the way! I've been making connections with some really influential people that many can benefit from a good working relationship. And I'm dedicated to making it happen! And please, follow me on Twitter, IG, Facebook and get at me! I love to talk to you guys. Let me know what you guys think, how you feel, and what's up with ya! Don't forget we are all in this together ;)

That's it for now -- and if you haven't already you can listen to The Streets Know Your Name completely free on my Soundcloud, or you can be an unbelievably awesome supporter and https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-streets-know-your-name-ep/id978388947" target="_blank">buy it on iTunes for $6!

- Christian

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