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Branching Out

Posted on March 1, 2014 at 3:30 AM

Friends & Fans!

I hope your New Year has been going very well, as for myself I've been pretty busy getting things in motion for this year. It takes a lot of planning and foresight to try and get things laid out properly before they actually happen...This, as you can guess is not something I'm very good at. I'm working on it though as evidenced by my next announcement!

If you remember that last fall I stated that I was going to be attending Musician's Institute in Hollywood. Well, that didn't happen. Apparently some paperwork got messed up somehow or something so I didn't end up attending then - However, now I will be! The Spring term for the school starts early April which is about a month away now. So I'm excited as you can guess, along with some nervousness and some anxiety about what's to come. This isn't my first rodeo with music education so I'm a little jaded I admit, especially with it this time around being in Hollyweird! The program I'm attending will further refine my skils as an Independent Artist and teach me tools on how to make a viable career for myself in today's music industry. Sounds pretty cool, I think. It's really tough to make a name for yourself out there especially since music today is an over-saturated market (disgustingly so, I might add). But I know I can do it, and I'm really looking forward to meeting some other awesome people looking to get into the industry as well. The possibilities are endless! Hopefully, with what I'll learn and the connections I'll make at MI, I'll be able to release my debut EP this year! Finally, huh? :P

So I've been biding my time, staying out of trouble. I've also expanded into some modeling and acting as well - yeah all of that! The people from ExploreTalent have been hitting me up for over two years saying that casting directors like my look or whatever, so on a suggestion from a friend I've been trying them out lately. I've also been working with Young, Broke, and Talented Apparel, a clothing company with a great message and righteous threads! Along with a non-profit organization called Hearts of Valor, an organization that gives back to the community in a variety of different ways.  If you're looking for something to get into, check any of these out!

That's it for now. If you want to know anything else or have any feeback, you can always email me at: [email protected]

- Christian

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