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Old Feelings, New Things

Posted on October 15, 2014 at 1:05 PM

Friends & Fans!!

It's been quite a ride so far with everything surrounding me right now. Since my time at Musician's Institute has ended, I've been busy trying to make my life sustainable, keep myself busy, and continuinting to move forward in accomplishing my goals! Whereas I realize now that my goals are a little different than they may have been earlier in 2014, but I am still reaching for them nonetheless! Making the transition from being a student to not anymore is one that I feel I was lucky enough to make without too much inconvenience. 

I was able to record three tracks that are mostly finished; these songs are "Guiding Light", "Callin' Me", and "Out of My Head (ft. Kathleen Taylor)" all of which are available for streaming at my Soundcloud :). These songs are mostly finished and will be on my EP when it is finally compiled and released. I ask you for a bit more patience while I get the rest of the music recorded and produced how the songs should sound. I refuse to release a sub-par product for all of you to enjoy!! The process is very involved and takes a lot of time (especially for a 'novice' to music production ;)) so rest assured more good tunes are on the way! You'll be able to stream, buy, and dowload my music on popular platforms as soon as it is released.

Personally, I've been going through a self-discovery period. I had been feeling like I was literally living a dream for a while, things were going SO good....and now it seems like I've been woken up and have to deal with the harsh realities of the real world again. It's funny, these feelings come every so often, in truth more often than I'd like being in my mid-twenties. I feel like I'm becoming an 'Outdated Model' if you will, and the powers at be are all too eager to replace me with a newer, more functioning, 'better' model. You know, like when Terminator has to protect the guy from the newer Terminator who comes back in time to kill all these scientists when they're young? Yeah, I feel like I've just showed how much of an old man I am :/ So in an effort to feel less alone in this whole world, I went to Best Friends Animal Society in Mission Hills and adopted a puppy this weekend!! She is a 1 year old Pitt Bull mix named Molly and she is awesome. A handful, but really awesome. She really shows me a lot of love and truthfully, it does fill a void in me that I haven't been able to fill. Now, if I can just get her to stop slobbering over everything and tearing everything apart we'll be on easy street!!

So as you can see, between working my jobs, promoting, taking care of my newly adopted daughter, working on my music, auditions, shows, and trying to get sleep, I don't have much time for anything else. I do apologize for my lack of involvement on your favorite social media outlets as well. I vow to give you misspelled updates and behind-the scenes insight on my mundane day-to-day activities and enough blurry pictures to draw in anyone!! ;) Follow me at @ChristianWhy

Don't forget I'm playing the House of Blues TOMORROW!! I'll be playing new songs, some off the EP, and some old songs as well! The flyer says to arrive at 7P so I'm guessing that's a good idea. If you don't have tickets yet please get in contact with me at [email protected] and I will find a way to get you tickets as these are discounted pre-sale; I don't want you to have fewer drinks because you paid more for a ticket!! It is going to be a huge party with performers on all the stages. It is Masquerade themed so the first 50 or so people get free masks! So arrive early, and I'll see ALL OF YOU tomorrow! 

Here's to you!!

- Christian

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