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Time Keeps On Ticking...

Posted on September 9, 2015 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Fans & Friends!!!

Hello all! Wow, it's been one sizzling hot summer hasn't it? I know I have been partying pretty hard, going to pool parties, enjoying the warmth, and being 27 years old (finally!). While the release in April was on schedule, it didn't get the reception I thought it would -- promotion, publicity, and public relations are all something I'm still learning myself. True, I'm not someone who puts everything about my life online on social media, so many people just overlooked my posts about The Streets Know Your Name. However, do you think I really care about this ridiculous online popularity contest? HELL NO 8)

So, after all the work I put into self-producing my EP, I decided to take the entire summer off from music. Like, I mean off. Think I wrote maybe three songs since April. I really wanted to focus on some other aspects of my life and not get too wrapped up in trying to get right back to work on my next release. I even stopped playing shows! Since I was also booking all my own shows (usually about 2 a month in LA, just like the rules say), I wanted to just enjoy being a legit solo artist. And believe me, it has been fun! Still hasn't gotten me laid but my pre-scripted bar lines are on point now! You can look for more shows coming up this fall! :)

Soon, I'll be getting to work on my next release. I'm keeping it secret until I'm ready to let you all know about it. Rest assured more great tunes are on the way! I've been making connections with some really influential people that many can benefit from a good working relationship. And I'm dedicated to making it happen! And please, follow me on Twitter, IG, Facebook and get at me! I love to talk to you guys. Let me know what you guys think, how you feel, and what's up with ya! Don't forget we are all in this together ;)

That's it for now -- and if you haven't already you can listen to The Streets Know Your Name completely free on my Soundcloud, or you can be an unbelievably awesome supporter and https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-streets-know-your-name-ep/id978388947" target="_blank">buy it on iTunes for $6!

- Christian

Release Day!!

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Friends and Fans!!




This has been a major milestone and a real passion project, a labor of love, for the last few years and here it is finally done! This really marks an achievement in that I have created from nothing. This is only the beginning. So please share in my enjoyment! :)


4/8 - Silverlake Lounge

4/24 - Lexington Bar DTLA

5/28 - House of Blues Sunset Breast Cancer Benefit

Again, thanks for being on this ride with yours truly, you're awesome!!

Past & Future

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Friends & Fans!!

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!! I hope yours was as awesome as mine :) 

WoW! Can't belive it's been four months to the day since my last update - for that I apologize; an entire quarter has passed, and we entered into a new year! Let's hope that 2015 is going to be even greater than what 2014 was! So far it seems to have started off on the wrong foot, but I'm sure things will be right back on track soon! My personal life has been kind of coming apart, and I'm really doing all I can to keep it from doing that :roll:

So, I've been taking a hiatus from performing these last couple months. My last two performances were at the House of Blues, one in the Voodoo Lounge

and the other in the Parish Room

Both were really fun nights ;)

Currently I'm really trying to focus on getting this release finished. What I've decided to do, is to do the entire release myself. Meaning it's a completely independent release, and I truly hope you can understand the artistic expression I'm trying to make as well.This is a lovechild, passion project, and a labor of love and I want everyone to enjoy this as much a I have. So, you can look for me to announce an actual the actual release date sometime soon (think April) thanks for sticking with me! :D

- Christian

Old Feelings, New Things

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Friends & Fans!!

It's been quite a ride so far with everything surrounding me right now. Since my time at Musician's Institute has ended, I've been busy trying to make my life sustainable, keep myself busy, and continuinting to move forward in accomplishing my goals! Whereas I realize now that my goals are a little different than they may have been earlier in 2014, but I am still reaching for them nonetheless! Making the transition from being a student to not anymore is one that I feel I was lucky enough to make without too much inconvenience. 

I was able to record three tracks that are mostly finished; these songs are "Guiding Light", "Callin' Me", and "Out of My Head (ft. Kathleen Taylor)" all of which are available for streaming at my Soundcloud :). These songs are mostly finished and will be on my EP when it is finally compiled and released. I ask you for a bit more patience while I get the rest of the music recorded and produced how the songs should sound. I refuse to release a sub-par product for all of you to enjoy!! The process is very involved and takes a lot of time (especially for a 'novice' to music production ;)) so rest assured more good tunes are on the way! You'll be able to stream, buy, and dowload my music on popular platforms as soon as it is released.

Personally, I've been going through a self-discovery period. I had been feeling like I was literally living a dream for a while, things were going SO good....and now it seems like I've been woken up and have to deal with the harsh realities of the real world again. It's funny, these feelings come every so often, in truth more often than I'd like being in my mid-twenties. I feel like I'm becoming an 'Outdated Model' if you will, and the powers at be are all too eager to replace me with a newer, more functioning, 'better' model. You know, like when Terminator has to protect the guy from the newer Terminator who comes back in time to kill all these scientists when they're young? Yeah, I feel like I've just showed how much of an old man I am :/ So in an effort to feel less alone in this whole world, I went to Best Friends Animal Society in Mission Hills and adopted a puppy this weekend!! She is a 1 year old Pitt Bull mix named Molly and she is awesome. A handful, but really awesome. She really shows me a lot of love and truthfully, it does fill a void in me that I haven't been able to fill. Now, if I can just get her to stop slobbering over everything and tearing everything apart we'll be on easy street!!

So as you can see, between working my jobs, promoting, taking care of my newly adopted daughter, working on my music, auditions, shows, and trying to get sleep, I don't have much time for anything else. I do apologize for my lack of involvement on your favorite social media outlets as well. I vow to give you misspelled updates and behind-the scenes insight on my mundane day-to-day activities and enough blurry pictures to draw in anyone!! ;) Follow me at @ChristianWhy

Don't forget I'm playing the House of Blues TOMORROW!! I'll be playing new songs, some off the EP, and some old songs as well! The flyer says to arrive at 7P so I'm guessing that's a good idea. If you don't have tickets yet please get in contact with me at [email protected] and I will find a way to get you tickets as these are discounted pre-sale; I don't want you to have fewer drinks because you paid more for a ticket!! It is going to be a huge party with performers on all the stages. It is Masquerade themed so the first 50 or so people get free masks! So arrive early, and I'll see ALL OF YOU tomorrow! 

Here's to you!!

- Christian

Branching Out

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Friends & Fans!

I hope your New Year has been going very well, as for myself I've been pretty busy getting things in motion for this year. It takes a lot of planning and foresight to try and get things laid out properly before they actually happen...This, as you can guess is not something I'm very good at. I'm working on it though as evidenced by my next announcement!

If you remember that last fall I stated that I was going to be attending Musician's Institute in Hollywood. Well, that didn't happen. Apparently some paperwork got messed up somehow or something so I didn't end up attending then - However, now I will be! The Spring term for the school starts early April which is about a month away now. So I'm excited as you can guess, along with some nervousness and some anxiety about what's to come. This isn't my first rodeo with music education so I'm a little jaded I admit, especially with it this time around being in Hollyweird! The program I'm attending will further refine my skils as an Independent Artist and teach me tools on how to make a viable career for myself in today's music industry. Sounds pretty cool, I think. It's really tough to make a name for yourself out there especially since music today is an over-saturated market (disgustingly so, I might add). But I know I can do it, and I'm really looking forward to meeting some other awesome people looking to get into the industry as well. The possibilities are endless! Hopefully, with what I'll learn and the connections I'll make at MI, I'll be able to release my debut EP this year! Finally, huh? :P

So I've been biding my time, staying out of trouble. I've also expanded into some modeling and acting as well - yeah all of that! The people from ExploreTalent have been hitting me up for over two years saying that casting directors like my look or whatever, so on a suggestion from a friend I've been trying them out lately. I've also been working with Young, Broke, and Talented Apparel, a clothing company with a great message and righteous threads! Along with a non-profit organization called Hearts of Valor, an organization that gives back to the community in a variety of different ways.  If you're looking for something to get into, check any of these out!

That's it for now. If you want to know anything else or have any feeback, you can always email me at: [email protected]

- Christian

She'll Be Comin' 'Round The Mountain

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Fans & Friends!!

It's that time again - time to say goodbye to what was and hello to what will be: A new year! 2013 was a year of great ups and just as many downs but that's life, isn't it? One day you're feasting like a king and the next you're famished with the poor. With the turning of this new year, I plan to have a lot more fun and hopefully things will be more "Up" than "Down"!

I've been doing a lot of "behind-the-scenes" things like doing photoshoots, networking, meeting bands and musicians and playing a few shows here and there. It's weird I really am starting to feel like I'm starting to come into my own as an artist. Very strange, indeed! What I like most is the creative freedom I now have - I always thought that once you start playing and gaining some notoriety (which I admit, even now I have very little) you would end up conforming to some type of ideal someone else has of you or whatever. For me right now, that's not the case. I still am able to write what I feel and play what I want. It's very refreshing! How long might this last you ask? Time will tell ;)

I'll be playing shows around the Southern California area, it will probably vary anywhere from Simi Valley down to San Diego, but mostly centered in Los Angeles County. What I'm going to be focusing on maily however, is finding a great producer,engineer, backing group, and studio where I can finally put all the pieces together for a full-on final release of these tunes! It's funny what people think a totally independent artist does - when you hear us say 'Everything' we mean it! From penning the lyrics to writing the music, to arranging the song to recording the instruments, to marketing, to emailing, to networking, to booking, to pitching, to promoting, even to transportation and lodging, it all is done by one person. One person! All for no other reason than I have a song inside and it needs to get out. I'll let that simmer for a minute. It's not glamorous, not easy, and certainly not what I anticipated, but there's an inexplicable force that drives me forward whenever I feel overwhelmed. Playing my music on stage in front of every one of you, expressing what I have inside and having you identify with that same emotion just by the sound, is easily the best feeling on earth. Easily! So while it may seem like I'm complaining or in over my head, rest assured that I am not. And I wouldn't have it any other way! :lol:

Here's to a fabulous 2014 filled with Success, Love, and Wealth!!

- Christian

The Biz and Hermit Crabs

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Hello Again Fans & Friends 


     Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day. I know I haven't updated in a while, but rest assured I've been working pretty hard lately doing everything I can to try and get things off the ground. Building relationships, making connections, finding opportunities, writing new music, getting rejected, and failing - all while still dealing with my real life too! Nobody says it's terribly difficult...That's why this path is the path less traveled! However, through all the pitfalls and successes, there remains only only one shining truth - the love of music!


     Lately I've been working with Ace Michaels at Music Box promoting shows at venues all around LA. I've met a lot of really cool people and it's been interesting seeing things from the business side of things rather than coming solely from an artist's standpoint. Trying to find balance in between what the artist wants to do and what the promoters/venues need to is very delicate, but truthfully they each rely on each other. I'm beginning to understand how and why the industry is so difficult, tedious, time-consuming, backbreaking, and rewarding. That balance proves to be much more than just dollars and cents; more like reliability, sense, and sensibility which goes a lot farther.


     For those who made it out to my last show on the 21st I'd really like to extend a personal thank you :D it was a difficult show due to the technical problems and last-minute changes, but it went over well enough. And Caroline Brooks was fantastic! It reminded me that beginning a career in music I'll have to roll with the punches, until I can throw some myself if I ever wanted to. Know that your support literally means everything and without it I am nothing!! So thanks again, and if you weren't able to make it then no worries - I'll see you all at one in the future!


     Lastly, I've been kind of a recluse lately, not even talking to people much, hunched behind my laptop trying to get all the perfect tracks lined up properly. I guess in this day and age with technology at our fingertips moreso than ever before it's now common to simply make your own music without a grand studio or anything. Disappointing from the days of yesteryear but such is the run-off from the dacade I was born in. Since music is now an over-saturated market it's really tough to be heard - through all the garbled nonsense and regurgitated crap that's out there you really have to have something original that people can enjoy and get behind. So that's what I'm focusing on working towards, with extremely remedial audio engineering skills. I mean I studied guitar, not audio engineering!! So stay tuned for some upcoming tracks that I'm working on, give them a listen and share!!


     That's pretty much it - thanks for keeping all hands and arms inside the moving vehicle, there'll be land ahead soon!!


- Christian

Progress, Hyundai Center Stage, Facebook Page, Email Lists!!

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Friends & Fans!

Things have been going pretty well as lately I've really been doing all I can try to try to get my name and music out there, and let me tell you it's an uphill battle! But, progress is being made, and I'm happy to report that work on my upcoming release "Where The Streets Know Your Name EP" is coming along pretty well. Just yesterday we got a whole song recorded :D! I don't know if you know this, but it really takes a lot of work to put one song let alone an entire release together, then with promotions and marketing, then booking release parties and shows/tours, then reaching out to everyone so they can come out to the shows and check out the release - it's all a lot of stuff to get done! I'd just like to thank you for even being here and ask you to sit tight while I work on getting all of this stuff done so we can all move on to what we all want anyway - a great live show and awesome music!

As you may know, a couple months ago I entered one of the demos off my upcoming EP "You Stung" to a contest called Grammy Amplifier . After gainging enough Amplifications of that song, I have moved on to the next round!! :lol: It means that curators, or high-profile music stars like Kelly Clarkson, Ozzy Ozbourne, Rza, Snoop Lion, and Jim James will find their favorite tracks then work with the artist on the next crucial steps in their career! Pretty awesome, huh? In conjuction with that contest, I've entered another one called Hyundai CenterStage, where the more shares I get the better chance I have of getting session time with Grammy-winning producers, a music video, and tour support! I can't even believe how awesome that is! All it takes is for you to click 'Share'! :)

I am also spreading the word to as many people as possible, so whenever you can please check me out on Facebook and like my page. You probably also know someone who likes good music and cool people though, right? Have them sign up for my email list! Make sure you get their permission first though ( I guess it's legal that way!) and we'll be cooking with fire! Is that how that saying goes?? ;)

- Christian

EP plans, New Myspace, Grammy Amplifier, and Crossroads!

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Hello Fans and Friends!

Happy New Year! Doesn't it feel great knowing how exciting a new year can be! I'm super excited about what this new year can bring, and I'm super optimistic about further possibilities opening up.

So, recently I've been trying to get as much exposure as I can find. Avenues to get my music out there are plentiful, but it can be just as difficult to get somoen to take notice! I prefer to let me songs speak for themselves. Obviously, someone must agree with me too, because I've been putting in overtime these last couple weeks. Getting plans in motion for the release of my EP; six songs that are a great way to communicate my vision, and also happen to be deeply personal. I should be going in to the studio to get these songs done within the next few weeks! 

In addition to that happening, yesterday I went to Hollywood to shoot an interview for the New Myspace. I was selected as a featured artist for the launch of it (happening soon) and had a good time meeting people, answering questions, and playing a live version of "You Stung". I'll make the video available to you all as soon as I can!

I've also found some pretty great contests that would be insanely amazing if I got any attention on them at all. One is a pretty broad contest called Grammy Amplifier where fans just play and share their favorite songs. Amplifications compile and that lets the artist know how many people are listening to your sounds! There are a lot of submissions from all across the musical board, but some exposure is better than none and hey, it's the Grammy's! Another contest that grabbed my attention was the chance to play the Crossroads Festival at Madison Square Garden alongside the great headliners for that concert and yes - even Slowhand himself! It works by garnering enough attention on the profile you create. So, please like, listen, and share for my shot at sharing the stage with Eric Clapton!!

Again, I'd like to thank you for being along for this crazy ride, and thank you thank you thank you for your support!! 

- Christian

Getting Into The Swing of Things: Homelessness

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Hello Friends & Fans - 

I am wiritng to you to tell you that I do apologize for being so slow in getting some better quality music to you. I am helping take care of my niece lately; the holidays have so much unrequited mindlessness about them that sometimes it's necessary to push and pull a little bit to have things come together. It's like I'm learning how to be a dad by caring for a toddler all day! But fear not, there are some tracks I've done being finished as we speak, and these should be up online soon! These are songs that I hope to include in an official release soon.

In the meantime while I spend some quality time in San Diego, I'll still be trying to get out as often as I can. I actually found a place that is a hotspot for the whole singer/songwriter scene. It's a coffee shop called Lestat's and a very busy open mic goes on there every Monday. I plan on showing up there sometime and might even end up playing some songs and getting a show or two! So thanks for sitting tight with me as we get this ball a' rollin, and thanks for being a part of the ride!

- Christian